How to Enable Hyper Terminal In Windows 7

Hyper terminal is used for data communication via serial port com or TCP/IP Winsock. Unfortunately on Windows 7 was not found anymore, even though many of us who still need it, and it is not the solution if we have to downgrade back to Windows XP.

Solution :
There is an easy way to activate or show the Hyper terminal in windows 7, just go to a computer that is still using Windows XP, then Copy the two  files associated with hyper terminal, hypertrm.exe and hypertrm.dll

The location of files (in Windows XP):
C:\Program Files\Windows NT\hypertrm.exe

Then save it to your computer Windows 7, (create a new folder and paste those 2  files )
Execute the file  hypertrm.exe  to run the Windows Hyper Terminal

  If you don't have  Windows XP computer, you can download the file here

There is a slight disadvantage that the icon does not appear, but in my opinion it does not matter because it works with normal function and no problem happens.

This trick is also can be used for Windows 8

Good luck.